Automate Tasks

Automate School attendance & send instant notifications (individual or class level) to parents.

What is School Smart?



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Save time with automated Student & Teacher Attendance.

One Way Notice

Instantly communicate with parents at a Group or Individual level.

GPS Bus Tracking

Real-time bus tracking through GPS. No waiting & no calls to the driver or school.

Fee Ledger

Share student fee dues, paid / unpaid status & reminders easily with parents.

Leave Application

Parents can apply for student leave instantly. No more paper applications.


Share the annual event calendar with parents & sync individual calendars.
attendence | sheet


Engage parents directly with student homework & improve completion rate.
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Exam Plan & Results

Directly share exam date sheet & individual student results.

Time Table

1 Click to easily share Time Table & updates with Parents.

Why School Smart?

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What is School Smart?
School Smart is a private, effective, comprehensive and super easy to use communication platform, connecting Schools with Parents for real-time, consistent & private communication.
How does it work?
School -
1) Login to School Smart
2) Select the task
3) Update / upload data
4) Publish. That's it!

Parents -
1) Receive welcome SMS from school
2) Download School Smart App
3) Enter number & receive OTP
4) Sign in. Done!

School Smart vs Chat & Social Media groups?
Chat & Social Media groups don’t have any privacy, security nor any control on the communication flow. This is where we are so different.

School Smart is a one-way communication platform that helps the school get rid of all the paper clutter and use technology effectively to communicate with parents.
How does it help the school?
School Smart helps progressive schools utilize valuable teacher & admin staff time efficiently and save on annual costs of paper, printing and related manpower.

This technology-leverage makes the future-responsible institution easily Go Green and massively reduce carbon footprint.
How does it help parents?
Using School Smart, parents can easily engage with the child’s school performance, utilize parent-child time better and always stay abreast of latest updates from the school.

Historical reports are available easily on-demand along with the ability to apply for a leave through the app itself.

It is reassuring for parents, when they instantly receive a notification that their child has reached / left the school premises & can track the child’s bus real-time, all through a single awesome app.
How does it help students?
A recent study conducted by Harvard University shows that parent engagement leads to 42% more homework completion, resulting in increased class participation & better grades.

Apart from this, students are no longer responsible to track & share paper based notices, time table, exam date sheets, messages, homework diaries etc. School Smart has got it all covered!
What can be shared through School Smart?
Daily attendance status, real-time GPS bus tracking, announcements, individual notice, homework, time table, fee status, exam date sheet, results, annual calendar, food menu and so much more.

Loads of features are currently under development and with each new release you’ll get them ALL @ NO EXTRA COST!!
Which institutions can use School Smart?
All institutions of any size like Preschools, K-12 schools, Colleges and Coaching / Tuition centers should use School Smart to save time, effort and resources and further increase their brand value.